7 Best Web Hosting Support & Customer Service Hosting Companies

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You deserve the best web hosting support because you're amazing. And too busy to waste your time.

The best web hosting support - you deserve it!
The best web hosting support – you deserve it!

Bad customer support leaves you confused, angry, and losing money.

It's probably the #1 most important thing for web hosting.


Unless you're a web developer or IT pro, you're going to run into issues with your web hosting.

It's a fact of life, like death and taxes.

So who can you trust to get stellar customer support? We've searched high and low for the best and brought them to you here.

1. SiteGround – The #1 Best Support Host

SiteGround absolutely knocks it out of the park with their customer support.

They're fast, polite, and go above and beyond to support you.

This website is hosted on SiteGround because they're simply amazing.

I can't tell you the number of times I've had bonehead issues and they've helped me right away.

In fact, their customer support times are the best in the business.

My own testing shows that they reply in under one minute on live chat, and under ten minutes when you post a ticket.

Now this is just my own testing for now, but many will say the same.

If you just want the overall best host for customer support – go with SiteGround. I mean it.

PC Mag said this about SiteGround: “you pay a bit more for a bit less in the way of technical features, but the solid security, customer service, and tutorials make this Web host extremely friendly for small businesses and new webmasters.”

2. WP Engine – The Best for Business Sites on WordPress 

One of the greatest benefits of the WP Engine platform is their built-in backup and malware scan services. Since this is included within your domain hosting service, you can save tons of money every month.

WP Engine is known for providing some of the fastest hosting on the market. Many consumers have cited site speeds vastly improving after migrating to the company’s servers. Additionally, the easy migration process makes it simple to rehost your website on WP Engine.

Customer support also shines at WP Engine. For those using WordPress to build sites, the WP Engine staff is particularly well versed in troubleshooting issues on the popular site building platform. Customer reviews have cited the passion of the hosting company, saying that they felt appreciated, and that their issues were a top priority.

Perhaps the best features of WP Engine as a hosting provider, however, is the excellent staging site feature. With this feature, you can easily run your site as if it is online before publishing, allowing you to check for bugs, and other important potential issues.

Review publications love WP Engine as well. Qualities such as unlimited data transfers, daily backups, malware scanning, and their site staging all combine to make WP Engine a popular platform.

3. A2 Hosting – Super Fast Hosting and Support

When it comes to cheap AND fast shared hosting, A2 Hosting takes the cake. With speeds up to 20x faster than other shared hosting providers, I definitely recommend them over the “standard” shared hosts.

Providing high-end packages for power users, A2 Hosting is a great choice for users looking for premium hosting services. A2 offers auto-server configuration services, which allow WordPress pages to load up to 6 times faster. Additionally, you get access to unique WordPress login URLs, and automatic A2 optimized updates. To finalize the benefits they offer to WordPress users, A2 allows users to access ReCaptcha technology on their WordPress login pages.

A2 Hosting has been rated as one of the top sites for providing up-to-date transparency options about uptime statistics and rates. Consistently, the company has provided standard uptime rates of 100% to their customers after they rehost their site on the company’s servers.

Security for users is another top priority of the A2 Hosting team. With server rewind backups and free HackScan services, you are guaranteed not only secure domains, but money saved on otherwise expensive security and anti-hacking services.

Finally, A2 Hosting is dedicated to customer service initiatives. In fact, the BBB gave the company an A+ rating in customer service. When your company has only four registered customer complaints in a three-year period, you know you’re doing customer service right. A2 frequently offers customer surveys to keep their support practices progressive.

They boast pretty fast support turnaround times, good technical support, and lots of features in addition. There has been some chatter recently about their support beinga  bit slow, but their team told me that was just temporary.

Before you sign up, have a chat with their sales support first and see how you like it.

Want more reading? Check out our A2 Hosting vs SiteGround post to read which of the two we think is better.

4. Kinsta – Real IT Technicians Helping You

So one thing that makes Kinsta absolutely stellar is the fact that you get tier-1 support agents. Instead of “customer support” you get actual IT technicians and real web developers helping you. They know WordPress inside and out and don't need to “ask their manager” for basic technical issues.

Whilet this may be more expensive for Kinsta, it's better for you. And although Kinsta may start a bit higher on their hosting plans, we think it's an absolute no-brainer for real businesses. If you think about it, a good WordPress developer or technicial helping fix your low-quality hosting setup is going to set you back $50 – 150 an hour. But Kinsta plans start at just $30 a month – pretty easy math there.

What's more – tell me, what's the cost of a hack against your company? According to research, malware, hacking, DDOs, etc cost companies an average of

5. Bluehost – New and Improved Support

Bluehost is known by everyone. We all know they're super cheap, but their support isn't the greatest, right?

Well they've actually improved tremendously in the last few years. After user complaints they've stepped up their game and started providing a better product with better support.

On the one hand, we love that they're a high volume host that has low prices and decent support, on the other hand we recommend a few other hosts on this page above them.

6. InMotion Hosting – 100% US-based Support Team

Customer service is often put up front and center in InMotion’s marketing, and for good reason. With a 100% US-located customer service team, you can rest assured that you can easily communicate your issues to the professionals at InMotion. Thanks to the wide variety of support options, including chat, email, phone, and other support functions, you can get in touch immediately from anywhere in the world.

InMotion has proven that the uptime rates they provide to sites that rehost on their servers is desirable. Industry standard uptimes of 99.9% are consistently reached, and they have completely avoided any major meltdowns, as some other hosting site companies have in the recent past.

Review sites enjoy pointing out the many free tools InMotion provides to their clients, as well as their excellent customer service options. In fact, PC Mag chose InMotion as their top choice for managed WordPress hosting.

7. Flywheel – Lovable Support for Design Agencies

Flywheel has made it's place in the world as the hosting company for design agencies. They offer plans that make it easy for creative agencies to resell and manage their clients' hosting. So if you're an agency – they're perfect for you, and their 24/7 support's got your back.

About their support they state:

Support. Our team is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week via live chat. They’re all experts in the industry, so they can help with everything from an odd error to a recommendation for a plugin.

The one downside of Flywheel's support is that they only offer chat support for customers paying <$250 a month. If you want phone support, you gotta be paying more. At the end of the day, I personally dread calling support on the phone so it's totally fine with me, but it really depends on your preferences.

Your Hosting Research Checklist

Ok, we know customer support is critical, but what else should you consider when deciding on a host? There's a million hosting plans out there – how do you even begin to figure out the best one?

Confused by terms like LInux, cPanel, CDNs, etc? We gotcha. Here's what you should consider:

  • What type of web hosting do you need? There's a lot out there. In general, if you're a small company you can go with a shared hosting plan such as what SiteGround and Bluehost offer. If you're a bit larger of a business, you should consider either cloud hosting or VPS hosting. Even bigger? Go with dedicated hosting.
  • Is a domain name included? For businesses, this is no big deal. But if you're a small business, a host that offers a free domain name is super helpful.
  • Free SSL certificates. So many hosts offer a free SSL certificate these days, I honsetly don't trust those who don't.
  • Uptime and downtime. You should expect the host to be transparent about this. You want something like 99.99% uptime. After all, a host with 98% uptime means your website is down for a full 7+ days a year!
  • Add-ons – this covers a lot, but you want to take into consideration if you're going to be nickeled and dimed for every little add-on, or if the hosting company is generous and offers you a lot for free. We've found SiteGround is one of the best for including a lot of features for a low price, as well as WP Engine and A2 Hosting.
  • Money-back guarantee: most hosts offer a 30-day money-back guarantee. Superstars like WP Engine offer 60 days.

You're off to a good start already – you're doing your research and making good comparisons. Lightspeed with your decision!

Last Updated on July 17, 2019 by Joe

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