Is Bluehost any good, according to Reddit?

Is Bluehost any good, according to Reddit?

Does Bluehost suck, according to Reddit?

Hi, I'm Joe, founder of this site.

I've been working with web hosting for about 20 years (uggh!) and as a non-developer, I'm just like you: confused.

You and I have heard about the brand Bluehost, but don't know who to trust.

I'm also a Redditor and absolutely love how truthful many Redditors are, and the power of crowdsourcing.

You do have to watch out for astroturfing and fake puppet accounts these days, but in the best moderated communities, there should be less of that.

Our goal in this post is to summarize what the people are saying on Reddit, and always link to the source threads so you can dive in.

We want this post to be an easy-to-reference summary of what the latest is on the Bluehost sentiment, as things can change over time. We also want to have this as an evergreen summary of many conversations so you don't have to read 10+ other threads.

Is Bluehost any Good this Year?

This post discusses how it is in 2023, with these key points:

  • They recommend against Bluehost and recommend Cloudways instead
  • The downside is with Cloudways you have to manage the domain externally
  • The monthly cost is $15/mo with Bluehost vs $11/mo with Cloudways
  • The only way to get a good deal, according to the poster, is to purchase Bluehost for 2 years (note this seems to have changed since then)
  • Cloudways offers features that are an upgrade within Bluehost: staging, multiple site management, and is more developer friendly

Hearing Bad Things about Bluehost

A Redditor on this post in Nov 2023 said she purchased Bluehost because her dad was in IT and recommended it, but has heard bad things about it since then.

Summary of conversation:

  • Bluehost isn't inherintly bad, but has cheap pricing and some stuff is basic
  • One person switched from SiteGround to Bluehost and didn't notice any issues
  • Two commentators say Bluehost is garbage and is only peddled through their affiliate program
  • One commenter recommends SiteGround as it's cheaper and has better support
  • One person was on Bluehost for 12 years and recently jumped to a host called BigScoots

Bluehost Pro Design Live

This Reddit post shares how Bluehost Pro Design Live ruined their site. They came back later and said it didn't totally ruin, but users should be aware of the risks or issues that my arise.

Apparently Bluesky was Bluehost's WordPress experts subscription, that rebranded to Pro Design Live.

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