SiteGround Black Friday & Cyber Monday Web Hosting Sale 2024

SiteGround is hands down my #1 recommended hosting platform for the average person in 2024.

If you're an entrepreneur, business owner, marketer, or hobbyist they are the best way to go. If you're a hardcore programming nerd, sure go with something like AWS or DigitalOcean. But for everyone else, SiteGround is the one true path, young Padawan.

Latest News: SiteGround Black Friday 2024 Update: Deals Not Released Yet, Compare to Last Year

Curious about what SiteGround Black Friday 2024 deals will be? Well they're not out just yet, but what you can do is compare to their 2023 Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals.

That way, if they are currently running a sale this month, you can see how much of a percentage difference there will be between buying now and buying then.

As of March 2024, these are the current SiteGround plans with discounts applied:

My recommendation: No need to wait for Black Friday 2024 at these rates. These are virtually the same discounts as the last Black Friday. Simply apply the discounts and get building!

SiteGround Black Friday 2023 Overview & Post-Mortem

SiteGround always run KILLER Black Friday deals. This year was no different, with 88% off hosting plans and 80% off add-ons. Impressively, those prices are better than last year.

If you've been holding off on pulling the trigger with SiteGround, well Black Friday is here, it's time to buy!

Let's get amped for SiteGround’s Black Friday deals. This year SiteGround is offering a massive discount on their services. With up to 88% discounted prices. You won't see these prices other times of the year. I will honestly say from personal experience that if you're going to buy, either buy now or wait another full year.

SiteGround Black Friday and Cyber Monday Hosting Prices & Discounts

Note that these prices are subject to change, but these are roughly correct as of Nov 2023:

Hosting PlansOriginal PriceDiscountDiscounted PriceBuy Now
StartUp$17.9988%$1.99APPLY NOW
GrowBig$29.9986%$3.99APPLY NOW
GoGeek$44.9986%$5.99APPLY NOW

These deals in 2023 are better than what I saw in 2022 by a few dollars. It makes sense as competition has been ramping up from other hosting providers. SiteGround has also been introducing new add-on services, so they're expanding what they offer beyond hosting, in a land and expand sort of strategy.

Here's a screenshot from the SiteGround website for 2023 hosting deals:

Here's the screenshot direct from their website from last year for comparison.

What's new this year, is existing customers get early Black Friday access for plans and add-ons:

Why should you trust me?

I feel your pain. I am your average Joe, I work in marketing and have spent my life fascinated by computers and websites. At the same time, I'm not a developer and I'm only semi-technical. I had to learn the hard way and fail many times with hand-coding in HTML and CSS, but could never figure out JavaScript. WordPress was a god-send and I've built many WordPress sites and had to get a lot of help along the way.

I've tried so many web hosts from GoDaddy to WordPress to Kinsta, WP Engine, and SiteGround. SiteGround is the one I've loved and been on the longest. I've had probably 50-100 support chats with them over the years and always found them pleasant and very enjoyable to work with.

I have benefited from SiteGround deals in the past. But after the discount period ended I have been happy to pay full price, because the full price value is just that good.

I don't give glowing reviews of every host. I love and highly recommend SiteGround.

Can Existing Customers Get New SiteGround Plans and Black Friday Discounts? Should They?

Yes, and maybe.

Current SiteGround customers are eligible for Black Friday deals, according to SiteGround support on November 22, 2023.

Should you?

The question I asked was: if I already have a GoGeek plan with unlimited websites, why should I add on a 2nd hosting plan?

Well, unlimited websites does not mean unlimited disk space. So if you're like me with 20 websites on an unlimited GoGeek plan, I might benefit from having a 2nd SiteGround plan if I'm running out of space.

In fact, I personally have already done that in the past. I created a 2nd SiteGround plan mostly for my smaller affiliate websites that I wanted to keep separated. I also wanted to derisk things and not have everything all on one plan in case on server went down or I had unforeseen billing continuity issues.

So if you can swing it and you're managing a lot of sites, it makes sense to add a 2nd plan.

As an advanced note, inodes can be a limited factor and one that I've run into limits on in the past. In fact, inodes may be the true limiting factor with SiteGround.

I say this, truly from experience, if you plan to purchase SiteGround hosting you should just go for the 3-year heavily discounted plan. At $1.99-$5.99 a month for 36-months, there's just not a better price you'll ever get from SiteGround.

The unit economics of hosting mean that they already have server capacity, and every incremental customer is mostly profit for them, so they are very incentivized to get you on their plan.

Compared to Bluehost, GoDaddy, etc, SiteGround support is really, really good.

SiteGround Hosting Details and Features

Web Hosting

This is the perfect subscription for small to medium-sized websites. It utilizes a hyper-fast server that offers zero delays. Plus, it is very secure, so you won’t have to worry about any security breaches.

WordPress Hosting

It’s so much better to manage your WordPress site with a partnership through hosting. With more freedom and ease, your website’s flow will certainly move swiftly.

WooCommerce Hosting

Small to large-sized merchants who utilize WordPress will definitely benefit from a high-quality WooCommerce hosting service. With this service you’ll be able to manage and create your online store without any difficulty.

Hosting Plans


  • 1 Website
  • 10 GB Web Space
  • ~ 10,000 Visits Monthly


  • Unlimited Websites
  • 20 GB Web Space
  • ~ 100,000 Visits Monthly
  • On-demand Backup Copies
  • 30% faster PHP
  • Staging


  • Unlimited Websites
  • 40 GB Web Space
  • ~ 400,000 Visits Monthly
  • On-demand Backup Copies
  • 30% faster PHP
  • Staging + Git
  • White-label Clients
  • Highest Tier of Resources
  • Priority Support


When will SiteGround Black Friday Sale 2023 be going live?

Black Friday 2023 is on November 24. So the sale would be live on Nov 24 through Cyber Monday Nov 27, and they typically extend it a few days after that!

Is SiteGround good for WordPress?

SiteGround is one of the most reliable companies for WordPress. They offer a one-click WordPress installation and tons of other great features at a very fair price.

Is SiteGround better than Bluehost?

SiteGround is better than Bluehost when it comes to reliability. They are also well-known for their support. It offers superior page speed, uptime, and support.

How much I can save during SiteGround Black Friday sale 2023?

This year Siteground is giving a whopping discount of 75%-80% which is just unbelievable.

Which SiteGround plan should I buy in the Black Friday sale 2023?

If you are a beginner, I highly recommend you buy a StartUp plan which will cost you only $2.98/month. And if you are looking to host more than 1 website, go for the GrowBig plan.

How effective are their 30 days money-back guarantee?

SiteGround 30 days Money Back policy is quite effective. If you don’t like their services for any reason they will give you a full refund if you initiate it within 30 days of purchase.


Cheaper Pricing

Their pricing starts at just under a dollar and their features are incredible as they include everything from free SSL to unlimited site hosting to unlimited emails, daily backups, and so on.

SiteGround does offer huge discounts during Black Friday and their pricing is still very much on the lower side when you compare it to offers provided by other web hosting companies.

Faster Speeds

SiteGround keeps its user’s web pages speed by using SSDs in all their servers. If you’re unfamiliar with SSDs, they’re basically hard drives that can deliver data really fast up to 30% faster than regular HDDs.

It makes your website 10X faster and achieves optimal speed with a high level of redundancy with their SSD persistent storage.

Great Customer Support

The team is extremely capable and very well prepared to handle even the most complex issues. They’re required to undergo a training boot camp, and they’re given frequent feedback and evaluation on their work in order to keep them on top of their game.

Highly Secure

SiteGround offers some of the most reliable security available. You’ll still have to do your part in keeping your site safe, but there are some of the security features that make them unique.

SiteGround also runs regular virus and malware scans on your site and sends reports to notify you of the results, so you always know what's going on with your website. That’s one of the things that users love about their web hosting service.


Limited Resources

The first negative thing is that they have fairly low caps on the amount of data you can store on your site. They range from 10 GB at the low end to 40 GB at the high end.

Their shared hosting options are limited so you’ll only get a certain amount of SSD space for the plan you signed up for. If you require more resources, you have no choice but to upgrade to the next tier.

Limited Monthly Visits

They will limit how many resources your site is allowed to use per month. The potential problem here is if you go over this limit regularly, then they may put your site on hold until the next month when your monthly allowance resets. They only allow 10,000-100,000 monthly visits.


SiteGround offers superb hosting options that come packed with extra features and they are usually one of the cheapest web hosting companies out there. We can confidently say that you can’t go wrong with hosting with SiteGround. 

Provided that your site doesn't go over the resource limits, you can be confident that your site will load quickly, be available when you need it, and will be secure to protect your data and your visitors’ privacy.

Overall, SiteGround is a good solid hosting company. They are especially good if you are using WordPress as they are officially recommended by the site. A vast majority of their customers use them for WordPress hosting. So they know WordPress in and out. 

So if you are looking for a good hosting company with good decent support and especially for those of you serious about your website, you must grab this SiteGround Black Friday deal.

How to Set Up a Website on SiteGround After You Purchase


Begin by deploying WordPress, the platform for creating your site. Upon your initial login to the Client Area, you'll be greeted with a welcome note. Press the “SET UP WEBSITE” button to proceed to the setup phase.

Here, opt for Start New Website and pick WordPress.

Complete the setup by deciding on additional features, like SG Site Scanner for daily website scans and instant alerts on hacking or malicious code injections.

To finalize, hit Finish and the installation of WordPress will commence.

Common Mistakes:

  1. Skipping the SG Site Scanner: Some may bypass adding security features like the SG Site Scanner. Fix: Always consider security add-ons for early detection of vulnerabilities.
  2. Rushing the Installation: Hurrying through the installation without properly setting options. Fix: Review each step carefully before completion to ensure all settings are correct.


Post WordPress setup, the WordPress Starter wizard will emerge. Hit Start Now. Select from a plethora of free, contemporary, professional themes offered by SiteGround.

These themes include dummy content and are compatible with SiteGround’s drag-and-drop editor, simplifying the visualization of your site's potential look before personalizing the content.

Common Mistakes:

  1. Overlooking Sample Content: Users might forget to replace the sample content with their own. Fix: Ensure all placeholder content is replaced with original material before going live.
  2. Ignoring Theme Customization: Not customizing the theme to fit the brand. Fix: Take time to personalize the theme settings to align with your branding guidelines.


After tailoring your site's aesthetics, it's time to enhance its capabilities by adding plugins such as:

  • A Contact Form for visitor inquiries;
  • WooCommerce for e-commerce capabilities;
  • Google analytics for tracking site visits;
  • A plugin to grow your Subscriber list by capturing visitor emails.

Choose your plugins and click Complete. Shortly, your site will be equipped with the chosen content and functions. Access your site's backend at to begin content creation via the tailored WordPress dashboard.

Common Mistakes:

  1. Plugin Overload: Installing too many plugins, which can slow down your site. Fix: Install only essential plugins that serve your website's purpose.
  2. Ignoring Updates: Failing to keep plugins updated. Fix: Regularly check for and apply updates to maintain security and functionality.

Important Note! Always back up your website before making significant changes or updates. This precaution ensures that you can restore your site to a previous state if something goes wrong during the process.

Update Log

  • March 26, 2024: We are between Black Fridays of course. I updated the intro, added some more context for current deals, and also updated the URL so this will be the most reliable source between years and a reliable one to bookmark!
  • Nov 22, 2023: Deals updated! I visited the SiteGround website today to verify the latest pricing for existing and new customers. I added on a new homepage screenshot and updated the pricing table. I also message their support to confirm that existing customers can add on a new web hosting plan and get the discount.
  • Nov 6, 2023: Updated with latest pricing, including Black Friday preview pricing for existing customers. Note we will try to add the latest updates throughout November to get the best deals!

Last Updated on March 26, 2024 by Joe

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