SiteGround vs GoDaddy Hosting: Which is Better for You?

by | Feb 28, 2018 | Compare Hosting

So you've narrowed it down to SiteGround vs Godaddy. 

Those are two different beasts. One is a SuperBowl brand name, the other just might be the best hidden secret in web hosting.

My pick? SiteGround.

Every. Single. Time.

In fact, we've partnered with them to score you a cool 60% off discount.

If you've got to pay the absolute rock bottom prices for now, well GoDaddy's got a screaming $1 hosting deal (for now) that can't be beat. That being said, SiteGround is generally a better overall quality pick. SiteGround will go above and beyond to give you lots of attention and help with customer service.

I know, as I'm a paying member of both.

Which is best for you? Read on to find out.


Quick take, I love SiteGround for these reasons:

  • Super amazing support, with response times that will blow your mind.
  • Pretty solid site speed, although you'll have to do a lot of work on your own.
  • Good amount of tools within cPanel that make things easy.
  • With the GoGeek plan, you get a staging option and a git repository – nerdy things, but your web developer will thank you.
  • There's a lot of other things, but here's the thing – they're not a globo-company that's trying to screw you over.

Headquartered in Bulgaria, SiteGround began more than 12 years ago by friends and IT professionals.

Their dedication to both their friendship and high-quality services and technology led the company leaders to develop their “handcraft philosophy” (why not “handcrafted”?), which guides how they operate. Under this philosophy, SiteGround works to create and develop their own solutions. The dedication to creating an experienced team has led to a workplace that strives to operate with integrity and provide good service. Part of this customer service plan provides users with 10 GB of disk space, unlimited bandwidth, fast speeds and responsive support.

  • Pricing: The company provides a wide variety of extras and features with their plans, which makes the slightly higher prices more palatable.
    • Shared Hosting: Regularly priced at $9.95, coupon codes can drop that down to $3.95 (click here for deal).
    • Cloud Hosting: Starts at $60 monthly.
    • Reseller Hosting: The company’s credit plan, which equals one year of hosting, is as low as $42 each credit when you purchase 11 or more credits.
    • Dedicated Hosting: Their U.S. dedicated server plans start at $229 per month.
  • Customer Support: SiteGround notes that customers typically only wait about 10 minutes from the time they file a ticket until the first response. Support is also available through instant chat and phone calls, with representatives available on all three means at all hours, every day of the year.
  • Speed: Each hosting plan includes solid state drives. SiteGround also offers improved performance through NGINX, HTTP/2, PHP7 and free CDN. For even faster rates, SiteGround caches WordPress and Joomla sites. So far, SiteGround has written at least 800 WAF rules to fix zero-day vulnerabilities.
  • Value: Between the additional details that are included in each package and the exceptional customer service, SiteGround provides a great deal of value with each package option.
  • Features: The company provides support for users who are both migrating current sites or creating new Magento, Joomla or WordPress sites, from working with a customer service representative to uploading and maintaining a tutorial library. In addition, SiteGround offers an enhanced cPanel and free daily backups.
  • Downtime/Uptime: SiteGround has data centers around the world, in Amsterdam, Chicago, London and Singapore, and users can select their preferred center. The company’s Web site lists a 99.9965 percent yearly uptime rate and a 99.999 percent monthly uptime rate, with a speed test so that users can check their individual page’s loading times. Thanks to SiteGrounds responsiveness, server issues are usually resolved instantly.

GoDaddy Hosting

Since beginning almost 20 years ago, GoDaddy has been building a base of more than 14 million customers from around the world. These customers appreciate the company’s pricing structure, speeds, and flexible options.

  • Pricing: The company’s multi-tiered levels allow individuals to take advantage of low prices and multiple options.
    • Shared Hosting: Linux and Windows hosting plans start at $3.99 on sale; but regularly start at $7.99 per month.
    • Cloud Hosting: After a free first month, a 20GB plan is capped at $5 per month. The largest plan offers users 80GB for no more than $80 per month.
    • Reseller Hosting: Two reseller programs meet the needs of both small and large companies. The basic plan is ideal for up to 25 customers and starts at $8.99 per month. GoDaddy’s pro reseller program supports unlimited customers and starts at $14.99 per month.
    • Dedicated Hosting: Dedicated IP plans start at $5.99 per month.
    • Virtual Private Servers: Linux plans start at $24.99 per month, they are regularly $29.99 per month; Windows plans are $34.99 per month, down from $39.99 normally.
  • Customer Support: The company’s support is available at every hour of the day for country-specific support. Representatives speak a wide variety of languages to meet the needs of an international customer base. In addition to phone support, GoDaddy has instant chat, as well as an expansive library of forums, blogs and databases that address potential problems.
  • Speed: While GoDaddy doesn’t make its speed data as readily available as other providers, many customers have experienced speeds that exceeded their expectations.
  • Value: With so many years of experience, GoDaddy has been able to build packages that meet the most common needs of their customers from around the world. The added extras to their packages to give customers an even greater product for their already low prices.
  • Features: GoDaddy not only has extensive hosting experience, but also provides support for customers of all abilities, providing new Web site managers with site building and design tools, hosted e-mail, logo design, and in-depth instruction and troubleshooting.
  • Downtime/Uptime: While GoDaddy doesn’t have a readily available speed test, the company meets industry standards with a 99.99 percent uptime guarantee. Global data centers help to facilitate greater speed and customer satisfaction.

SiteGround vs GoDaddy WordPress Comparison

SiteGround WordPress Hosting Pros

  • Their bread and butter is WordPress hosting
  • On the higher level plans, includes staging
  • Git repository is in handy for developing on WordPress
  • A better value overall than GoDaddy if you can spend a bit more

SiteGround WordPress Hosting Cons

  • Some similar limitations – inodes are limited – which limit file storage
  • Have had experience where SiteGround will shut down site if attacked

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Pros

  • One of the cheaper WordPress managed hosting options
  • Can start for just $1 a month – cheaper for the absolute cost

GoDaddy WordPress Hosting Cons

  • Support is helpful, but doesn't go above and beyond like SiteGround
  • Their migration tool had errors when I tried, couldn't fully migrate WordPress site
  • Interface is clean but also slightly confusing
  • Try to upsell you on new options

What’s Best for You?

If you’re looking to get into web reselling, design or creating your own sites, GoDaddy is a solid option. They provide their customers with extensive support and instruction while keeping their prices low. They are a good option for small business owners and marketers who want to hand their own web development.

For developers or others who are working to make a living primarily through their Web sites, or those who appreciate a more comprehensive program, SiteGround may be a better option. Their sophisticated packages and advanced technology help experienced customers achieve their long-term goals.

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