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How Good is Hosting? is a private company that specializes in website hosting services. Their reach expands throughout the world, providing services in 180 countries. They offer a variety of services including, domain names, VPS services, and many other services. Their hosting packages provide a variety of choices for anyone looking to expand their online presence. They provide excellent customer service and will help you choose the best plan for your or your company.

Our Official Hosting Review is located in Toronto, Canada as a subsidiary of SoftCom. They specialize in shared Web hosting providing email hosting, VPS solutions, Microsoft SharePoint servers, and Microsoft Exchange servers as well as managed migration solutions.

Best Features of Hosting

Their data centers are located in Toronto, Canada, and in Rochester, New York, offering high-end data centers with fiber-optic networks. Web Hosting Pricing Table

Hosting PlanPersonal WebsiteBusiness HostingeCommerce Hosting
Feature 1Unlimited Hosting SpaceEverything in Personal PlusEverything in Business Plus
Feature 2Unlimited File TransferWindows + Linux Web SitesTools for Small Businesses
Feature 3Unlimited Domain HostingDedicated IP for SEOPremium eCommerce Cart
Feature 4Free Domain NameMore Exchange Email AccountsSSL Key for eCommerce
Feature 5Free Outlook EmailMore Resources
Starting Price$9.94/mo$18.69/mo$37.44/mo Windows VPS Hosting Plans Pricing Table

Hosting PlanCustom WindowsDeveloper + NetBusiness + PleskReseller + Plesk
Starting Price$81.22/mo$83.00/mo$100.08/mo$128.78/mo
Virtualization & OS EditionMicrosoft Hyper-V Windows Server 2012 Standard EditionMicrosoft Hyper-V Windows Server 2012 Standard EditionMicrosoft Hyper-V Windows Server 2012 Standard EditionMicrosoft Hyper-V Windows Server 2012 Standard Edition
Disk Space40 GB40 GB60 GB80 GB
Data Transfer300 GB600 GB2100 GB3000 GB
Dedicated IP Addresses1122
Free SSL Key
Microsoft SQL Server 2012OptionalExpress Edition (10 GB)Express Edition (10 GB)Express Edition (10 GB) Email Hosting Plans Pricing Table

Hosting PlanBasic EmailMobile Email + OutlookMobile Email
Feature 1Get Exchange-based Outlook Web Access email on your own domain name with tons of features.All Basic and Mobile Email features plus FREE Microsoft Outlook 2013!All Basic Email features plus full sync of calendar and contacts to your Mobile Smartphone.
Feature 2Outlook Web AccessFree Outlook LicenseMobile ActiveSync Support
Feature 3Exchange POP3/IMAP4 SupportSync your iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and more!Sync your iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, and more!
Feature 41 GB Disk Space per Mailbox4 GB Disk Space per Mailbox2 GB Disk space per Mailbox
Feature 5Unlimited forwarding, auto-responders & aliasesBlackBerry Service Add-on AvailableBlackBerry Service Add-on Available
Starting Price$3.55/mo$9.95/mo$5.95/mo

Plenty of Shared Hosting Plans offers lots of options when it comes to shared hosting. They offer plans for personal users, business users, and e-commerce users. They have VPS plans and dedicated hosting options. They also have dedicated exchange servers to take care of all your communication needs.

Linux-based and Windows-based Hosting Options has the ability to offer you a Linux-based hosting plan or a Windows-based hosting plan. Many hosting companies either offer one or the other, not both. As an added bonus, if you upgrade to their business plan, you can have both Linux-based and Windows-based solutions under one account.

Full-Featured Site Builder provides a full-featured site builder. After all, they host websites. It only makes sense for them to have a full-featured site builder to help brand-new business owners build their first website. Their cPanel enables you to have one-click installation scripts and will allow you to host a number of website platforms such as Joomla! or WordPress.

Unlimited Domain Hosting

Many hosting companies out there will place a data cap on your hosting abilities. Not – they offer unlimited domain hosting. In other words, they don’t care how many visitors you have, how big your website is, or how big your business grows. Honestly, more website hosting companies should offer unlimited domain hosting. Very few small-business owners ever host so much data that the servers are seriously burdened. In fact, this is a feature that allows your website to grow and scale, enabling to take care of your business needs when and how you would like.

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

Although this is standard, there are some hosting companies out there that will take a 30-day money back guarantee and only offer you a prorated amount. In other words, you will never get a full refund from some other web hosts. will give you a 30-day money back guarantee. As long as you cancel within the first 30 days, they will give you a 100 percent refund.

Downsides of Hosting

No Web hosting company is without its flaws. is no different, I’m afraid. In fact, there are quite a few things that could focus on to be better.

Mobile Site Builder Costs Extra

Of all the things to charge extra for, should not be charging extra for mobile site builders. There are far too many people who access the Internet using their mobile devices. In fact, it is more likely that a user will access your site on mobile than on a desktop. charges extra for mobile web site optimization, where other hosting services like Bluehost include this feature as part of the standard package.

Backups Cost Extra

If the data you keep on your website is important, sensitive, or hard to replace (we're willing to bet it's at least one of those three), be super careful with If you don't want to pay extra for them to back up your website, you'll need to do this manually physical harddrives or free cloud services. While this is a frustratingly common issue among bargain hosts (WebHostingPad and GoDaddy are really no better in this department), there are plenty of web hosts, like A2 hosting,  who will regularly back up your data for free, or even give you the option of manually backing up your site.

Migration Cost Extra

This is just poor marketing. Sure, Myhosting offers a managed migration service. However, they charge $45 for it. If people are looking for a new host, I can almost guarantee that they’re not going to look at Myhosting simply because there are better hosting companies out there that do this for free. We understand that there are labor costs involved when you have a dedicated specialist helping a business owner migrate their data. However, this is a cost that should be absorbed by the hosting company – in this case, Myhosting should be absorbing those costs. It is a small price to pay to entice small-business owners to choose Myhosting as a Web hosting platform of choice.

Far Too Many Poor Support Complaints

Everywhere you look online, the Internet is littered with poor reviews of People regret choosing them as their hosting platform of choice. Sure, on the website they tell you that you will receive a response from the support specialist within 10 minutes. However, that canned response merely tells you that a support specialist has been assigned to your case. People have been complaining that it takes anywhere from three days to two weeks just to get a response – it takes even longer to get them to solve an issue for you. There is no excuse for that kind of response time. Check out SiteGround if you want to see what an excellent customer support network looks like.

Bottom Line

On the surface, Myhosting appears to be a rock solid company. However, they have several deal breakers. From the extra, hidden costs to the number of support complaints littered all over the Internet, I would think twice and advise against Myhosting. However, there are positive reviews about them as well. Some people like them. I will say that a lot of the reviews have been posted by the same individuals. In other words, when you look at a review site, you’ll find that most of the complaints have only been posted by a few individuals. Take this with a grain of salt when considering Myhosting to host your website. Hosting FAQs

What is the uptime guarantee?

MyHosting is proud to provide a 100% uptime guarantee. If, for any reason the servers are not working, all customers will receive a 1 to 1 credit to their account.

What are the space and data transfer limits?

On web hosting plans, MyHosting allows you to have unlimited disk space and unlimited data transfers on your account.

If I don’t like something about MyHosting, what can they guarantee?

If you’re unhappy with MyHosting, you can receive all your money back. You have thirty days to withdraw, and all your money is refundable.

What are the support options provided by MyHosting?

Any hosting customer has access to a lot of customer support. You can use email, live chats, or 24/7 telephone support to help you resolve any issues. No matter what country you’re in, you’ll be able to reach someone to help you resolve any issues you’re having.

What is the backup policy for MyHosting?

The VPS servers are backed up regularly, along with the backups you’re able to control through the control panel. However, for shared hosting plans, there isn’t a backup or retrieval guarantee. If it is considered to be an emergency, MyHosting will be able to provide backups for an extra fee.

Does MyHosting allow me to transfer an existing domain?

You can transfer your existing domain using MyHosting. They will help you through the process to ensure it works correctly.

Will MyHosting profile work in Linux or Windows for hosting?

Depending on your needs, you can use MyHosting for Linux or Windows. If you’re looking for a personal plan, you need to have Linux. Businesses and ecommerce plan can use either platform. If you’re looking for a VPS plan, it will work with Windows and Linux.

How many email address can I use, and how much space is available?

You can have 10 to 50 email accounts that are available with your plan. You can always upgrade to accommodate more emails if the need arises. If you choose the shared hosting plan, there is unlimited disk space that will allow you to store as many email addresses as you need.

Is renewing more expensive than the intro price?

MyHosting will provide you extra discounts if you are able to pay in advance. If you can pay for six months of services upfront, you’ll be saving a lot of money. MyHosting has a lot of different promotions, so there’s no guarantee that prices will stay the same when it’s time to renew.

Are there any managed services offered by MyHosting?

MyHosting does offer many managed applications. You can have Exchange email as part of your plan. You will need to see what services are offered with each plan to ensure you have everything you will need.

Will I have a domain with any of the hosting plans?

MyHosting will provide you with a domain.  Any shared hosting plan you choose will offer you the chance to get a free domain. You will need to register the domain when you sign up to ensure the domain is dedicated to you.

What security measures does MyHosting provide?

MyHosting prides themselves on their security. They use a variety of programs, including HackerWise, StopTheHacker, and SiteLock to ensure your website is safe and secure.

Can I get a stand-alone domain registration?

You can get a stand-alone domain when you use MyHosting. They are partnered with Tucows, and their partnership allows you to register a domain name. Once you register the domain name, it will be yours.

Is VPS hosting part of their services?

The VPS plans are available to use with Linux and Windows. If you’re a developer or operating a business, their VPS plans will work for you. Their main focus is to help you provide the best service you can. The VPS plans are ideal for anyone looking to expand their online presence.

What languages does technical support provide?

If you need technical support, MyHosting only uses English. You can request help in another language.

Where is the headquarters located?

MyHosting is a Canadian-based company. You can find their headquarters in Toronto, Canada. They’re located in the Eastern Standard Time Zone, the same as other major cities.

Where can I find the MyHosting data centers?

MyHosting has data centers in Toronto, Canada, and in Rochester, NY. they use Equinix and Earthlink Enterprise Data Centers to provide the best customer service they can.

Will MyHosting support different development languages?

There are various languages MyHosting supports. It works for Linux and Windows servers, and you can choose which language works for you. If you’re using Windows, you have the option of using ASP.NET, PHP, Visual Studio, Perl, and support for Microsoft SQL, MYSQL, and PostgreSQL. If you’re using Linux servers, the standard LAMP servers are available. You can also use APACHE, MYSQL, and PHP for your development language needs.

Is there a affiliate program?

Yes, and the affiliate program does pay a sales commission. You can set it up so you can have recurring commissions as well.

Would I be able to host multiple sites and domains on my account?

If you have multiple sites, MyHosting’s shared plans allow you to put it all together. The unlimited and free domain hosting allows you to point multiple domains into a single site or sub-directory. If you choose the VPS hosting, you’ll be able to host multiple websites on your account without having to open multiple accounts.

What services can I purchase if I am a non-technical consumer?

The hosting plans have a site builder available. You can choose from hundreds of templates to create your own site. It’s easy to set up and learn how to design your site, no matter your skill level. If you’re a single consumer, you will receive one site builder website; the business plans come with two site builders; and the e-commerce plan has three. They work with Windows and Linux to allow you to design your site, based on your needs. You can purchase more site builders if you’re growing to accommodate your traffic.

Would MyHosting be the right choice for an ecommerce website?

Absolutely. MyHosting has different plans for e-commerce websites, and they’re designed for the demands of e-commerce. MyHosting has SSL certificates, and gives you the tools you’ll need to run an online store.

How compatible is MyHosting for a WordPress site?

MyHosting offers WordPress support for anything you’ll need. They include an application installer that’s ideal to help any install and use WordPress. Even if you’re a novice, you’ll be able to have your WordPress account working in no time.

Does MyHosting provide PrestaShop support?

If you’re using PrestaShop website themes, MyHosting will accommodate you and provide support to help you with any issues.

Can I move an existing Joomla website with MyHosting?

Unfortunately, MyHosting cannot provide migration for Joomla. However, they do offer a program that will assist you with migrating your Joomla website to your MyHosting account.

Is there Magento support with MyHosting?

Magento comes with every hosting plan available. You won’t be able to migrate Magento, but you will be able to get an application. The application will allow you to migrate everything you’ll need from your Magento account.

Are there control panels offered with MyHosting?

All the VPS servers have WHM/cPanel or Plesk control panels. You can choose which one will work for you, depending on which system you’re using.

How can I pay for a MyHosting account?

You can use any major credit card for payment. MyHosting also accepts payments made through PayPal.

Will MyHosting support image hosting and picture galleries?

It will, and you’ll be thrilled to know that the Gallery is one of the most popular online photo albums. It also allows you to share applications, and it comes free with every hosting account.

What is the minimum for a contract term?

MyHosting allows customers to pay a month at a time. If you’re looking for a longer timeframe, you can pay in advance for up to three years (36 months).

Is there a CDN service?

The CloudFare CDN is offered for anyone who needs a CDN service.

What reseller packages does MyHosting offer?

You can use a reseller VPS package that runs on Windows and Linux. You have the ability to build your own, as well, with a custom reseller VPS. Reviews
4 / 5 Reviewer
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  1. Lots of Shared Hosting Plans Options
  2. Full-Featured Site Builder
  3. Unlimited Domain Hosting
  4. 30-Day Money Back Guarantee
  1. Mobile Site Builder Cost Extra
  2. Backup Cost Extra
  3. Too Many Poor Support Complaints
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