Ionos (1and1) Hosting Reviews

What is 1&1 Ionos Hosting?

1&1 Ionos hosting is a rebranded version of 1and1 –  a German web hosting company and domain registrar. Founded in 1988, they are among the oldest web hosting companies still in operations today.

According to them, IONOS seeks to be a leader in Europe's digital transformation for small and medium-sized businesses. With over six million customers in 18 markets, they bill themselves your all-in-one digital partner.

Translation: they don't want to be known as the “web hosting guys” – but a one-stop-shop like GoDaddy.

From domain registration, web hosting, to website building and e-commerce platforms, IONOS offers comprehensive digital solutions. Additionally, it provides cutting-edge cloud services for businesses scaling into the cloud era.

Highlights of the company:

  1. European Digital Leader: Specializes in digital solutions for small and medium-sized businesses.
  2. Global Reach: Serves 6 million customers across 18 markets in Europe and North America.
  3. All-in-One Digital Partner: Offers domains, web hosting, website builders, and e-commerce solutions.
  4. Online Marketing Tools: Equips businesses with advanced tools to enhance their online presence.
  5. Cloud Solutions: Provides tailored services for enterprises transitioning to cloud-based operations.

With data centers across Europe and also in Lenexa, Kansas, USA, 1and1 is one of the world's largest hosting companies.

In late 2018, 1and1 rebranded to become 1&1 Ionos.

So it's got a new name – is it any good?

How Good is 1and1 Hosting?

1and1 is among the most widely known and longest-running web hosting brands. They've been around since BEFORE Google existed – old.

I remember seeing their 6 pages of magazine ads plastered in business magazines – and I remember them looking so cheesy that I would never touch them.

They seem to have grown up and may be worth a shot for 2019 and beyond.

A proud home page showing you a million options.

But aside from that recognition, there isn't much to set them apart from the hundreds of other competitively priced and uniquely featured web hosts on the market today. While there are a handful of perks that come with signing up with 1and1, the user experience is frustrating and their reliability is nothing to boast about.

Our Official 1and1 Hosting Review

There are definite perks to choosing a large and long-running corporation as a web host, and in several ways 1&1 Ionos may have the edge over other big names like GoDaddy.

That said, most of the good things about 1and1 hosting aren't anything to be blown away by. There is little that they offer that makes them unique or a leader in any category. And furthermore, we've found the user experience to be borderline maddening, on top of below average speeds and uptime performance. We recommend them if you already have a 1and1 domain, or if you highly prioritize extras like AdWords credits, or perhaps if you need to host a bunch of websites for very cheap. Otherwise, there are dozens of other companies that offer truly stellar services without as many frustrations.

Best Features of 1and1 Hosting

We may even go as far as to say that all of 1and1's best features are really just areas where they are just adequate. But a feature-by-feature breakdown of their most basic plan may actually point to them having the edge over other big brands like GoDaddy and HostGator.

Here are the industry standards that 1and1 meets without any problems:

1) Super Low Introductory Pricing

1and1 offers what is probably the best deal for first year customers on the web hosting market. While their most basic shared hosting plan costs a slightly-above-average $7.99 per month after the first year, your first year of hosting costs only $.99 per month. This even beats out ultra budget host WebHostingPad (at least for a year).

2) Unlimited Bandwidth, Websites, and Webspace

Especially when considered alongside the special introductory pricing, the promise of so many unlimited capabilities is incredibly tempting. One use case in which we'd absolutely recommend 1and1 would be if you needed to host a bunch of different websites for a short amount of time on a strict budget. In theory, you could do this with 1and1 Hosting for under a dollar a month. Neither GoDaddy or HostGator could do that for you.

Of course, the promise of unlimited bandwidth is only as good as the infrastructure backing it. And we'll have plenty more to say about 1and1's performance in the areas of speed and uptime a bit later. For another unlimited plan with a similar price point to 1and1's regular (non-introductory) pricing, check out DreamHost.

3) Domain Comes Free, Can be Managed under One Account

1and1 throws in a complimentary domain name with every web hosting package purchased. On top of that, 1and1 is one of the most commonly used domain registrars on the web. If you have ever purchased domain names from them before, you can seamlessly host those sites without creating an additional account or login.

4) Excellent Business Bonus Packages

Almost every hosting company offers some sort of business-oriented bonus package. The packages offered by 1and1 hosting compete with the best. Not only will you receive free credits for Google AdWords, Facebook, Bing, and Yahoo, but you'll also get an SSL certificate for free. 1and1 offers over a hundred popular site tools, like shopping carts, slideshows, and site builders, all of which take one click to install and are included in your plan. This is one very nice perk of getting in bed with a big corporation – they have connections and can afford to hand you lots of freebies.

5) 1and1 Participates in Green Hosting Efforts

These features don’t necessarily have anything to do with your experience with 1and1 hosting, but you can rest easy knowing that you’re working with the company that values its impact on the environment. Their data centers have been installed with a renewable energy source and practice completely paperless billing – a feature many people enjoy. They're no HostPapa, but we can appreciate their nod to greener business operations.

They've gone a bit more upscale than their cheesy past.

Downsides of 1and1 Hosting

But perks a great hosting service do not make! Here are some big issues that keep us from wholeheartedly recommending 1and1 hosting.

1) Customer Service is Quick, but Not Very Helpful

1and1 does offer 24/7 support over phone and email, and for the most part they are very quick to respond. The trouble is that their reps don't have a ton technical knowledge, and this really shows when you get them on the phone. If you have the wherewithal to walk them through and adequately describe your issue, you'll save a lot of back and forth time. But the reality is that most customers don't know the ins and outs of web hosting or exactly what issue is keeping their website down, they just know that something is broken and needs to be fixed.

The 1and1 customer service department also lacks a live chat support feature. It's a bit strange that such a large company with so many resources would be missing such a convenient and widely-used method for support.

Since 1and1 has been around for so long and serves so many customers, the web is littered with terrible reviews about them. The vast majority of these negative reviews point, unsurprisingly, to the customer service department. 1and1's reputation really proceeds them, and the reviews haven't improved over the years. This leads us to believe that customer service is something of an afterthought for them.

2) No cPanel, and their Dashboard is Confusing

1and1 chooses to forgo the industry standard for backend dashboards, cPanel. This isn't necessarily a con in and of itself. Plenty of highly recommendable hosts like Flywheel and Dreamhost use a custom dashboard. Afterall, cPanel isn't the most polished application around and it could be a bit easier to navigate. The issue is that 1and1's custom dashboard actually manages to be less attractive and much more confusing than cPanel. Firstly, the most prominent area of the dashboard itself is a menu of upsells. Secondly, none of the basic, most commonly used functions (like the File Directory, or WordPress Installs) are in clear view.  At least with cPanel, it's so commonly used that there are plenty of resources online that can help you figure out what to do. This isn't really the case with 1and1, and calling customer service to sort out a simple issue like, “How do I add another domain to my account?” makes for a huge waste of time with lots of opportunity to be frustrated further.

3) Unimpressive Uptime & Speed

All issues with customer service and a confusing dashboard may be forgiven if 1and1 proved to be incredibly reliable and speedy. But the reality is that they're just average, perhaps even a bit below average lots of the time. 1and1's page loading times sit in the 700-800ms range, which puts them on the slow side of the bell curve. And while they stay true to their 99.9% uptime guarantee, they're nowhere near the ranks of ultra reliable hosts like Siteground or A2 Hosting.


Bottom Line

It's hard to say no to unlimited websites and bandwidth for less than a dollar a month, but 1and1 gives plenty of other reasons to say no. You can get a lot of bang for your buck if you already own plenty of domains with them, but the frustrations related to their speed, user experience, and customer service will still persist.

1&1 Ionos Hosting Pricing & Plans

What are your options for 1&1 Ionos hosting?

It's confusing because every web host presents it differently. An your needs will differ based on what type of site you're building.

What we love about 1&1 Ionos is they lay out the plans pretty clearly actually. They're simple and to the point.

Here's a quick breakdown of the options:

Pricing$4/month then $6/month$1/month then $10/month$8/month then $16/month
Free domainYesYesYes
SSL CertificateYesYesYes
24/7 SupportYesYesYes
Storage10 GBUnlimited Unlimited
Databases10 (1 GB SSD)Unlimited Unlimited
Email accounts1025500
Free domainYesYesYes
Initial Performance LvlBasicLvl 1Lvl 3
SiteLock Malware ProtectionYes
Content Delivery Network (CDN)Yes
Best forStarter stiesLarge web projectsMultiple large web projects

Our expert opinion? The plans are decent, but if you're on a specific platform like WordPress, these hosting plans are pretty basic and may not have all the features you want.

But if you want basic hosting, go for these!

And wow do they go into details if you really want it, here's us scrolling through the page:

1&1 Hosting Q&A's

1&1 is a hosting site that loves to work with individuals and businesses alike.  If you own a small business or blog, you may have researched some different hosting sites available.  This takes some of the most asked questions regarding 1&1, giving you more information to decide about a hosting site.

Where does 1&1 have offices?

1&1 is located throughout the world.  They have offices located in Austria, Germany, France, Spain, the UK, Poland, Canada, Italy, Mexico, and the United States.  Their main headquarters are in Chesterbrook, PA in the United States.  The data center is in Lenexa, KS at a green facility.  They hold all the equipment that allows users to have everything they need.

What Windows hosting does 1&1 offer?

1&1 provides hosting for Windows and Linux hosting for either user.  You can use 1&1 to help you determine which avenue would be better for you.  If you have any questions, feel free to reach out to 1&1 for assistance.

Is there an uptime guarantee?

1&1 does provide an uptime guarantee.  They guarantee an uptime of 99.99%.  If it falls below the uptime percentage, you may request credit for the downtime.  Depending on how much downtime you experience, you will receive a credit for the downtime.

Is it possible to hold multiple sites and domains on an account?

Yes, you can.  Unlimited websites are available for most 1&1 plans, though the number of databases may have a limit.  This can affect how many sites you want to create.  The WordPress plans do have more restrictions, and the less expensive plans limit clients to 1 or 5 sites.

What are the support options?

1&1 offers variousmeans of support for their customers.  24/7 tech support is available through the phone, live chats, and email.  Their GoToAssist is a form of remote assistance.  It does require software to be installed on your computer, and 1&1 can access your computer from their area.

Is there a money-back guarantee?

There is a 30-day money back guarantee for those who wish to discontinue service.  Not all cloud hosting is eligible to receive a money back guarantee, so you will need to consult with 1&1 if you want to discontinue service to see if you qualify.

Are there one-click installers available?

Yes, there are.  If you’re using Linux, it has Click&Build, a one-click installer package.  It includes over 120 scripts and web apps for their customers.  If you go with this plan, it comes with WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, Magento, TYPO3, phpBB, and Moodle.

Will 1&1 migrate an existing website?

Unfortunately, 1&1 won’t migrate an existing website for free.  You can do it yourself, or have 1&1 do it for a fee.  The equipment 1&1 uses does incur a cost, which is why they cannot migrate a website for free.

What is the minimum contract for using 1&1?

When you’re looking for contract options, 1&1 has a minimum term of one month of most of their plans.  It’s ideal for those who want to switch if they don’t like using it.  If you don’t use 1&1 for the full 30 days, you may be eligible to receive a full refund on your account.

What is the control panel that comes with the plan?

When you sign up for a plan with 1&1, it will have its own control panel.  The cPanel is provided, but only for cloud hosting plans.  If you’re a Windows user, you have Plesk for your control panel options.  You can speak with a representative with any questions you have.

Would 1&1 be suitable for an ecommerce website?

Absolutely.  They have hosting plans directed towards e-commerce websites.  There are e-commerce scripts and apps.  This is part of the Click&Build package 1&1 offers.  If you need an SSL certificate, 1&1 will provide the certificate for purchase.  You can use open applications like Magento, PrestaShop, osCommerce, or Zen Cart for your e-commerce platform.

Is 1&1 good for image hosting and galleries?

Yes, they are.  Unmetered disk space and bandwidth are offered for any plan.  The Click&Build one-click installer package has several types of photo gallery scripts.  It shouldn’t be an issue, unless there are large files that need to be downloaded.  If you have any questions regarding your package, you can reach out to 1&1 for answers.

Can I get a CDN through 1&1?

Yes, you can.  CloudFlare is free with some of the hosting packages, including WordPress hosting.  Mirage and Railgun are included with the package, and if you want to get a pro CDN package, it is available.

What packages are the best for 1&1 basic web hosting?

There are numerous basic web hosting packages available with 1&1.  They are user friendly, and simple to set up your ideal website.  The entry-level package is ideal for web developers that want to start from a small business into a booming company, providing tools to create simple and operational HTML based websites.  1&1 offers a mid-level package that is more powerful, has better performance, and maximum storage, allowing for a professional web presence.  The premium package offered by 1&1 has superior performance and storage, and includes unlimited web space, and hosting multiple sites at the same time.  It includes an Expert App Support that allows you to get the most out of the development software.

Will 1&1 provide development support, once hosting start?

1&1 is dedicated to work with their customers, and they have multiple ways to help you develop and grow your website.  The 1&1 Website Builder provides you with the opportunity to create your ideal website.  The simple and intuitive interface helps you create your stunning and functional website.  There are professional templates available for selecting and editing for desktop and mobile devices.  The NetObjects Fusion lets the user have complete control and creativity for their website.  1&1 will help your website catch people’s eyes through the 1&1 Newsletter Tool, social media output, and 1&1’s SEO tool for catching people’s attention.  The powerful analysis tools allow you to see how your website is performing, and how visitors are using your website.

Does 1&1 provide a free web hosting plan?

Unfortunately, 1&1 does not have a free plan hosting plan available.  Most clients that want a professional website that works 24/7, and the equipment 1&1 uses are some of the best.  The hosting packages do include a unique domain, matching email accounts for their clients, and support for different languages and databases, which are all affordable.  The first month is free, and can extend for a few months.  If you choose to have a contract, the first few months are free, and the payments will start, without any hidden fees.  If you choose to not sign a contract, the regular price will start, but you will still get the first 30 days for free.  If you want to cancel your plan within the first 30 days, you will receive your refund.  It’s a way to see if you like the package to see if it would be a good fit for you.

What security measures are put in place?

Security is important to every customer, and 1&1 strives to ensure every website is protected.  The high-performance data center has the latest technologies.  They have 300 Gbit/s of connectivity (externally), and high-performing reliability for website hosting.  The enhanced SSL protection includes an external firewall, which prevents outside attacks.  The web space recovery provides safety to valuable data for Linux hosting.  If there is an attack, administrators can restore data up to 6 days from the website backups.  Any individual files on separate folders are capable of being restored, as well.  The 1&1 SiteLock conducts monthly scans on applications, SQL, injection scans, and cross site scripting.  Any vulnerabilities are fixed before hackers have a chance to exploit them.  If you go with the 1&1 SiteLock Premium package, it will scan up to 500 pages, giving your business a peace of mind.

What options are available for expansion?

Anytime you want to expand your website, 1&1 has flexible plans available.  If greater storage and performance options are needed, a simple upgrade is all that’s required.  The geo-redundant servers 1&1 uses are the latest technology and software.  The features available through 1&1 is upgradeable at any time, including the 1&1 SiteLock Basic and 1&1 CDN.  SEO Pro, Search Engine Marketing, and ListLocal are all part of the basic hosting packages.  You can add any extra features you may need, assisting you to keep your costs low and maintenance at a minimum.  The open source apps, like WordPress, Joomla! and Drupal allow you to add the features in the future.  They only require a few simple clicks of the mouse to install.

What are the web hosting support system 1&1 offers?

1&1 is excited to serve over 13 million customers, and their experience has provided plenty of help for every customer.  Their technical experts are highly trained, and offer 24/7 telephone and email support for any assistance you require.  Any questions regarding their products are answered promptly, and you can find the right product for when your business is growing.  1&1 has been in business since 2001, and they are one of the leaders of site hosting.  Their customer service has been recognized for hosting awards and customer testimonials all recommend 1&1.  Even if you have worked with website hosting, 1&1 can provide you any assistance you require.  1&1 is here to help you improve your site and grow your business into a success.

How can I get into contact with 1&1 for help?

There are a few different ways you can contact 1&1 for any help you require.  Any questions or difficulties you have, you can contact the experts directly at 1-866-991-2631.  As for billing questions, you can contact 1-877-300-8316 for assistance.  Any web hosting orders, you can do it online or by phone through the sales department at 1-844-871-2631.

1and1 Reviews
3.3 / 5 Reviewer
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  1. Super cheap introductory pricing
  2. Unlimited disk space, websites, and bandwidth options
  3. Data recovery tool from the previous six days
  4. Manage 1and1 domain and hosting on one account
  1. No live chat support
  2. Confusing custom dashboard without cPanel
  3. No reseller options
  4. Uptime and speed performance are less than competitive
With such low introductory prices ($.99/month for the first year) and unlimited websites and webspace, 1and1 Hosting can be quite tempting. But with some serious performance and user experience deficiencies, you probably won't be happy once that first year is up and pricing racks back up to normal rates.
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