9 Versatile Trends for Ecommerce Design Inspiration in 2021

ecommerce design trends 2021

In the midst of accelerated rates of online shopping and social distancing, website and UI design for ecommerce has never been more important. Whether you are transitioning to an ecommerce store from a brick-and-mortar operation, or revamping your web store to better attract new customers, using modern design trends can help both your brand image and your bottom line.

Perhaps more than any other genre of website, ecommerce sites need to strike a perfect balance between effortless usability and memorable branding. Without one element or the other down pat, customers may abandon ship. After all, they have the whole internet in which to shop around.

We've scoured some of the most attractive and effective shops on the web to identify nine modern design elements to use as ecommerce design inspiration in 2021. Each trend is simple to implement, applicable for a diverse range of products, and accessible to many consumer demographics.

There's something for everyone in these nine versatile ecommerce design trends:

1. Modern Still Life

Product photography doesn't need to be complicated to make an impression. Add a simple backdrop and a collection of everyday objects to create a modern still life that is curated enough to show sophistication, but cluttered enough to be accessible. Familiar objects act as helpful references for product size, texture, and color, while ample negative space keeps your product in focus.

2. Product as Patterned Tiles

Easy to implement for seasonal sales, limited product ranges, or really anywhere you need product photos with some extra oomph — tiled product photos are an eye-catching way to convey a sense of bountiful choice. This ecommerce design trend is not only clean and modern, it is also endlessly versatile.

3. Powerful Pastels

Pastels haven't traditionally been associated with bold design choices, but ecommerce design in 2021 suggests pastels pack quite a punch. Far from prissy or meek, pastels are bright but not jarring, sophisticated but not boring. This is a color palette that shines in digital mediums, and is even coming to be embraced by brands selling more traditionally masculine products.

4. Brutalist Grid

Edgy and arresting brutalist web design has dominated the coolest corners of the internet for several years. While unbridled brutalism is often a bit too disorderly for widespread application, structured grids help rein in the chaos. Grids help make the brutalist web design trend accessible to all sorts of retailers, from streetwear brands to sports gear to skincare to Scandinavian housewares.

5. Product Anatomy

When it comes to excellent products, quality is apparent in the details. Interactive or still graphics showcasing the thoughtful features that make your product unique is an effective way to make your product outshine the competition.

6. Real Textures

Online shopping experiences have come a long way, but the tactile experience of handling a product is still missing from ecommerce. Clever product photography that showcases texture with close ups and comparisons with familiar objects can help customers get a feel for your products before ever touching them.

7. Sculpturesque Product Photography

Drawing inspiration from Bauhaus architecture, cubist sculpture, and minimalst design, these ultra-modern product photos are a crash course in the marriage of form and function. Bold geometry, striking angles, bright colors, and expert use of negative space complement simple and tasteful product design.

8. Ingredient Glossaries

They say it's what's on the inside that counts. And with so many products available for purchase online, this has never been more true. Ingredient glossaries give ecommerce sites a chance to flex their knowledge and showcase their commitment to quality ingredients.

9. Barely-There Geometry

Don't scroll too fast, or you might miss it! Subtle colors and delicate geometric patterns add the perfect touch of understated sophistication to take an otherwise simple ecommerce site to the next level.

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Did you enjoy exploring these ecommerce design trends? Feel free to share these design elements on your own site. Our infographic features the nine 2021 ecommerce design elements profiled here.

Click the graphic to view and download the full size, and attribute with a link to whatsthehost.com/ecommerce-design-trends.

Ecommerce Design Trends 2021 Infographic

Last Updated on February 18, 2021 by Alex North

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