GameStop Statistics 2021: WallStreetBets Stock, Revenue, Website Traffic, History

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GameStop has been all over the news in 2021. The Reddit Wall Street Bets momentum has pushed this stock into the national conversation.

From it's technology to it's revenue, here are some of the top GameStop statistics that matter in 2021.

GameStop 2021 WallStreetBets Stock Run

In January 2021, GameStop witnessed an astonishing growth in stock price, driven by Reddit users on the subreddit WallStreetBets. User DFV has posted periodic updates of the stock, generating momentum throughout 2020 that culminated in January 2021.

Recent closing stock prices:

Date RequestedClosing PriceVolumeSplit Adjustment FactorOpen PriceDay HighDay Low
January 19, 2021$39.3674,721,9241:1$41.55$45.52$36.64
January 20, 2021$39.1233,471,7891:1$37.37$41.19$36.06
January 21, 2021$43.0357,079,7541:1$39.23$44.75$37.00
January 22, 2021$65.01197,157,9461:1$42.59$76.76$42.32
Date RequestedClosing PriceVolumeSplit Adjustment FactorOpen PriceDay HighDay Low
January 25, 2021$76.79177,874,0001:1$96.73$159.18$61.13
January 26, 2021$147.98178,587,9741:1$88.56$150.00$80.20
January 27, 2021$347.5190,605,6551:1$354.83$380.00$249.00

GameStop Revenue & Financials

With all the press recently, here are some of the most compelling GameStop statistics.

  • GameStop's annual revenue ending February 2020 was $6.4 B
  • Its gross profit was $1.9 B
  • Its 52-week high was $380
  • Its 52-week low was $2.57
  • January 27, 2021 market cap was $24.24 B
  • $GME is traded on NYSE
  • Its dividend yield is 0.44%

GameStop Website Traffic & Statistics

  • ranks as the 1,017th most popular website globally.
  • It ranks as the 206th most popular in the United States.
  • On average, receives 45 million visits a month.
  • The average visit duration to the website is 3 minutes and 44 seconds a month.
  • 38% of all search traffic to comes from search engines like
  • Of that 38% of search traffic, approximately 80% is from organic search and 20% is from paid search ads, such as Google AdWords ads
  • 12% of traffic is from display ads
  • 4% of website traffic is from social media
  • The most popular social media traffic source is Twitter, representing 44% of social traffic, followed by Reddit with 27% and YouTube with 15%
  •'s most similar competitors are,,, and
  • There are 35,800 other websites linking to
  • ranks for 3.7 million keywords in organic search (SEO)
  • earns approximately 9.3 million to 37.2 million visits a month from organic search traffic (SEO)
  • There are approximately 132,596 pages on the website

GameStop Company History

  • GameStop can be linked to Babbage's, a software retailer founded in 1984 and founded in Dallas, Texas
  • It was founded by Harvard Business School alumni James McCurry and Gary M. Kusin
  • Ross Perot was an early investor in the company
  • Babbage began selling Nintendo games in 1987
  • Babbage's Etc was purchased by Barnes & Noble Booksellers for $215 million in 1999
  • Barnes & Noble purchased Funco in May 2000, and made Babbage's a subsidiary of Funco
  • Funco was renamed to GameStop in December 2000
  • Barnes & Noble took GameStop public on the NYSE in February 2002
  • GameStop announced it would close 150 stores in 2017
  • Due to COVID-19, GameStop closed all of its approximately 3,500 stores from March to May 2020
  • A January 2021 stock run-up and short squeeze resulted in $GME dominated the headlines of the business and finance world, largely attributed to popularity in Reddit's /r/wallstreetbets.


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