Ode to the Beauty of the Suburban Office Park

I have to admit it, I truly love suburban office parks.

They are safe, quiet, spacious, and newer on average than urban offices.

Parking usually isn't an issue, food trucks can come on by, or just hop in the car for a 5 minute drive or 20 minute walk to go get some food.

Save money on rents, don't pay parking permits, and be closer to home.

I am well aware that many urbanists and cool kids think suburban office parks are super lame. That it's all about the Brooklyn-style loft above a coffee-house across from a concert venue and city park, next to the modern art museum and subway line, just a block away from the arts district and former cannery row.

But I think they're beautiful, and I don't care who knows.

Pindaric Ode to Suburban Office Parks

I: Strophe

Oh, humble haven of work and rest, In suburban lands you are surely blest. For in your calm embrace we find reprieve, From the urban chaos that we leave.

Safe and quiet, spacious and new, In you, suburban office parks, our dreams come true. With ample room to breathe and grow, Away from the city's ceaseless flow.

II: Antistrophe

No more the struggle for parking space, Nor tedious permits that we must chase. Instead, we find solace in your tranquil charm, Where food trucks come and do no harm.

A five-minute drive or a stroll we take, To find nourishment for a lunchtime break. In these oases of productivity, We build our future with proclivity.

III: Epode

Let the urbanists scoff and sneer, For we know the truth that we hold dear. In these suburban office parks we dwell, Where we thrive, and we excel.

Horatian Ode to Suburban Office Parks

In suburban office parks, I find my peace,
Where daily toils and troubles cease.
Amidst their verdant landscapes wide,
With easy parking spaces to provide.

No need to fear the city's woes,
Or navigate its crowded throes.
Here, we're closer to our homes,
Away from city's loud, incessant drones.

Oh, let the cool kids deride and scoff,
Their urban lofts and coffee shops aloft.
But in these suburban office parks, I stand,
Embracing serenity upon this quiet land.

For they know not the beauty that resides,
In these havens where tranquility abides.
So I'll stand firm, and I'll proclaim,
The love I hold, and feel no shame.

Irregular Ode to Suburban Office Parks

Suburban office parks, you are my muse,
A sanctuary from the urban abuse.
Amidst your quiet, gentle air,
I find solace and comfort rare.

Parking, a pleasure never known,
In crowded cities overthrown.
And food trucks beckon, or a drive so near,
To nourish us as lunchtime nears.

Oh, urbanists may scorn your charms,
But your embrace, it calms and warms.
No lofty loft nor artsy block,
Can match your allure, your solid rock.

So I'll celebrate your quiet grace,
And in your loving arms, I'll find my place.
Unashamed, I'll sing your praise,
In suburban office parks, my flag I'll raise.

Last Updated on March 27, 2023 by Joe

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