7 Best Wedding Website Builders


This is one of the happiest periods of your life:

You're getting married to your soulmate.

You have amazing wedding design ideas.

But how do you make your website?

“Help!”, you scream into the abyss.

Building a wedding website used to be complicated.

You'd hire a programmer to make one from scratch.

No wonder your cousin Becky didn't have one for her wedding in 2002.

But it's 2019 – everyone has a wedding website.

A study showed that 48% of couples launching a website in 2017. Well that was a long time ago. In 2019 I'm predicting that number is 95%.

Best Wedding Website Builders

NamePriceOverall ScoreLink
ZolaFree5/5View Zola
MintedFree to $204/5View Minted
JoyFree4/5View Joy
Wedding Woo$493/5View Wedding Woo
Wedding WindowFree to $79/yr3/5View Wedding Windo
Glö$75/yr3/5View Glö
WixFree to $11/mo3/5View Wix
WeeblyFree to $8/mo3/5View Weebly

Must-Have Wedding Website Features

  • Affordable price or no price
  • Beautiful design template
  • Wide arrange of necessary wedding functions
  • Registry
  • Organized RSVPs
  • Interactive venue maps
  • Photo albums
  • Possibly video albums
  • Flexibility to personal flair
  • Ease of use

Even more – you don't need a website, you need a wedding hub.

The website is not just a brochure (like in 1999) – it's a hub for everything wedding-related.

Registry (#1 of course), travel info, wedding party, photos, directions, hotels, etc. The list increases every year!

So you need an all-in-one solution. Something that will let you tie in your website design with your invitations design with your registry, all of that.

Build your own from scratch?

Ain't nobody got time for that.

So here's our top picks to get your site up ASAP.


1. Zola – Our #1 Pick

zola does it all

Seriously, where has Zola been the whole time?

If you just want us to tell you what to do, go with Zola. Full stop.

What started as just a registry has morphed into this beautifully easy all-in-one wedding solution.

zola all in one

I mean they have:

  1. A registry that lets you add items from TONS of stores – say goodbye to getting locked into just Macy's and Anthropologie
  2. super easy website builder that makes beautiful sites in a snap.
  3. Paper invites, thank you cards, etc
  4. An all-in-one wedding planning section – from invites to

If I'm any other wedding website builder, I'm shaking in my boots. Nobody has a thing on Zola!

Look at how quickly I can set up a wedding checklist.

zola flow

Zola Pros

  • Website is FREE
  • Amazing features
  • Super easy to use
  • Great designs
  • Everything is connected, you literally don't have to go anywhere else
  • Modern, just built for millennials like us (but other ages welcome too)
  • Wedding checklist tool
  • Registry is super easy, with a lot of brands

Zola Cons

  • The websites look good, but are not the absolute best designs
  • The invitations and papers are good quality, but not yet top-tier like Minted
  • If you want full customization for your site, you'll need something more flexible

Zola Summary

95% of you are going to want Zola. It's got everything you need. They started as a registry, but now they absolutely do it all.

Sign up with my link to get a special bonus.


2. Minted

Minted is one of the top wedding stationery and wedding invitation companies.

In an effort to make the dramatic shift from paper to digital wedding invitations Minted created they own wedding website plans.

Minted’s effort to adapt to the ever-changing wedding market worked out well. Many couples have used Minted’s wedding website platforms and have given it great reviews.

Their beautifully design stationeries and invitation designs transferred perfectly to their wedding website templates and themes. They have a wide array of themes and designs because they source them from hundreds of artist all around the world. Minted makes the wedding website creation process very quick and simple only taking around 10 minutes to set up.

Minted’s templates are very interactive and are very customizable.

Minted’s free wedding websites come with all the features you need, from easily editable designs to sections for gift registries, maps, and guest accommodations. Minted’s premium offering provides a photo gallery, a personal URL like couplename.com, and a website privacy feature that requires guests to enter a password to access your site.

The premium offering comes at a great price of only a $20 one time fee.


3. Joy

Joy is a simplistic wedding website builder that is widely used among brides and has won much praise. Joy provides a website building platform that is very easy to use with all the essential features needed to create a wedding website. Joy offers extensive and very useful features that compile all the chaotic factors of wedding planning into an easy and manageable platform. Joy's designs are simplistic but beautiful.

This wonderful wedding website builder is offered completely free of charge. In fact, the free wedding website builder by Joy is the only plan they offer so there are no hindrances to the free service or pressure to upgrade to a premium plan. Joy is a great option for couples who want a quick, simplistic, easy, free wedding website builder. It would also be the perfect platform for a couple who unsure about what they want in a wedding website.

Since signing up and using Joy is completely free couples can play around with and design a rough idea of what they want their site to look like without losing any money! One issue that some may have with joy is that there is really only one layout that is offered, which would be restricting for some. The design of other features is customizable but the overall layout is restricting to one singular type.

Here is what you get with your free Joy account:

  • Planning Dashboard
  • Unlimited photo storage
  • Free website hosting
  • Unlimited guest accounts
  • Digital invites and RSVPs


4. Wedding Window

Wedding Window offers a wedding website creation platform that is easy to use and tailor to a couples specific design vision. Creating a wedding website through Wedding Window requires no specific skill for a neat and clean modern wedding website.

Wedding Window offers many important web building features such as a drag and drop website builder that allows you to easily design each page. Wedding Window’s integrated features and widgets also bring flair and organization to the wedding planning process. Wedding Window allows you to integrate photos and comment sections from Facebook, create an extensive photo or video gallery, as well as incorporate interactive google maps. Wedding Window allows couples flexibility with price as well as customization.

There is the free option that provides all the necessary wedding website features and more and there is also the affordable premium plan which is $54/year. Wedding Window offers different themes and a diverse portfolio of templates that you are able to easily customize.

A couple issues that some couples may have with Wedding Window is that some of the designs may look repetitive and there is no mobile editing or customization mode.

Here is what Wedding Window offers:

Free Plan:

  • 50MB of Storage
  • 13 Pages – Live Preview Editor
  • Music
  • Video or Photo Background
  • Simple RSVP
  • Standard Planning tool
  • Free themes

Premium Plan ($54/year):

  • 20GB of storage
  • 60 Pages
  • Everything the Free plan includes
  • Premium themes
  • Custom photo and video backgrounds


5. Wedding Woo

Wedding Woo is a highly praised and popular wedding website builder. Wedding Woo is another great option because it is specifically tailored for couples creating a wedding website. Wedding Woo provides a wedding website platform that is very easy to create, edit, and customize. The layout of the templates offered by Wedding Woo is favored by many couples because its design really puts a focus on the couple itself.

Wedding Woo makes it very easy and painless to create a beautiful and unique wedding website. The website builder does require payment as there is no basic free plan. The cost of a wedding website for one year is $49 and for two it is $69. Although you have the option of trying out the layout, design, and features for 7 days for free. This gives the ability to play around with the features and tool offered to see if your wedding woo creation is the right fit for your wedding website.

There is also a 30-day money back guarantee if your need more than 7 days to make your decision. Here are the wedding website building features Wedding Woo offers:

  • Drag and drop web builder
  • Easy to use widgets such as
  • A countdown widget to track your wedding date, the SoundCloud widget to play music, and the Bing Translator to bring instant, in-place translations.
  • Online RSVP that is highly customizable
  • Easily import photos from facebook and Instagram
  • Recieve song requests
  • Online Registry Password Protected options
  • Unlimited Photos Custom Domain
  • Unlimited Bandwidth


6. Glo

Glo is quite the wildcard of wedding website builders to make this list. It is kind of the newcomer on the scene of wedding website building. But nonetheless, we included Glo because of its glowing reviews and great value.

When choosing a wedding website builder many couples have to decide between a beautiful and creative design and stunning and useful features.

That choice is not an issue with Glo because it offers both beautiful designs and stunning features. Glo's beautiful design themes blend elegance with the couples own creative flair.

The general themes that Glo offer resemble an old classy stationary design.

Their themes are very mature and adult but still have a fun energy to them. Glo allows you to use stunning wedding website builder features that few other wedding website builders offer. You can manage an online guest list, manage RSVPs, including downloadable documents, and many more.

Glo offers a wealth of features that make all the chaotic aspects of creating a wedding website much easier. Especially if you have to deal with complicated guest logistics such as multiple languages spoken by the two different families, Glo is able to have multiple translations for your wedding website.

An issue that some couples may have with Glo is that even though their themes are beautifully designed and very elegant many of them seemed pretty similar in an overarching sense.

Glo offers three different packages: light, intimate celebration, and large celebration. Most couples may want to opt for the light package because it the least expensive option and its features cover almost all wedding needs.

Light package $19.99/month or $75.00/year:

  • Guest List Management:
    • Unlimited Guests
  • Website with Unlimited Pages:
    • Add Photos, music, downloadable documents, widgets, & custom HTML.
  • Unlimited events & RSVP questions:
    • Add to your website and select which guests are able to view.


7. Wix


Wix is one of the most widely used website builder and web host.

And Karlie Kloss uses Wix 😉

Why would you consider Wix for your wedding site?

Well, if the other builders like Zola don't have all the customization options you want, then something like Wix might do the trick.

Essentially you're a control freak and want it your way. (I'm like that).

Wix provides a great website builder for a wedding website. The free plan provides all the essentials a couple needs to create a comprehensive wedding website. What they offer:

  • Access to an extensive collection of images, clip arts, and icons. All fully customizable and 100% FREE to use on your Wix site.
  • 500MB of storage and up to 500MB in bandwidth
  • unlimited access to all of the Wix Support step-by-step walk-throughs, articles, video tutorials, and more
  • Wix ShoutOut allows you to send electronic wedding invitations
    • Includes pre-set wedding-styled invitation templates – complete with in-email RSVPs
  • Wedding website templates with pre-included registries
  • Day of real-time information features such as a countdown, weather conditions, and other updates.

As mentioned before for Wix the premium plan is not really necessary for a wedding website because they offer a lot more than what is usually needed for a wedding website. That being said the Wix free plan displays Wix ads on your website so if you don’t want that on your site you may want to opt for the combo premium plan which is $11/month.


8. Weebly

Weebly is a very popular and widely used web builder and host that offers all the essentials for creating a wedding website.

Weebly offers very a customizable color scheme as well as other design features to fit your needs.

Although some have complained that their templates are a little dated to older website design layouts. If you want a simple, flexible, and free wedding website builder Weebly is a great option.

One small issue couples may have with Weebly is that their free plans have Weebly adds on their site and would also be under a Weebly.com subdomain. In terms of helpful wedding logistic features, Weebly has got you covered.

This is what is offered with the free Weebly plan:

  • 500MB standard storage
  • Drag and drop web builder
  • SSL Security
  • Specifically Tailored wedding sections
    • Including an about Us, Our Proposal, Ceremony and Reception, Wedding Party, Our Registries pages and more
  • Separate RSVP section

Another unique feature that you have the ability to add on to your Weebly wedding site is an online store for items you purchased for your wedding that you don’t need anymore. If you want a hosting plan that does not include Weebly ads it would cost $8/month (paid annually).



It is very difficult to give a decisive answer about which wedding website is the best. No two couples are the same. Between each couple, there are so many different needs and requirements for their perfect wedding website.

The best wedding website builder for most people is Zola.

That been said you can narrow it down to best according to your specific needs. If you have many complicated logistics and moving parts such as multiple spoken languages between the two families Glo site may be your best option.

Some couples may have an exact idea of what they want and find wedding geared hosting sites too restrictive. In this case, Wix or Weebly would be your best option because you can pretty much design your site any way you want. This is for those couples wanting to build things from scratch instead of getting inspiration from pre-designed templates.


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