What Some Hot Shots are Calling for the 2016 Design Trends [Infographic]

by Dec 12, 2015Build a Website

Design is never over, and never perfect. If you’re a designer, you’re always on the look out for new inspiration through Twitter, mood boards, your daily walks, the bottom of your glass, and many more.

design trends 2016 infographic

If you’re a digital marketer or developer, not only are you the enemy of your designer colleague, but you highly depend on them to make your crappy attempt at Photoshop look proper. The designer is also someone you think you can micromanage into oblivion, trying to make things “pop” or “look sleek”. At the end of the day, we all need each other to do good work and make more $$.

Yes, design is a competitive advantage you engineer types. So get with it, because Apple and Google already are eating your lunch. Whoever you are, here is an infographic from Coastal Creative showing the top design trends of 2016. Some of them, a-hem flat design, have been talked about for years, but isn’t going away. Others are somewhat new this year such as more background video, and more card-based interfaces.

The hipster designers will say they want to do the opposite of these trends, the old-school practitioners will talk to you about design principles and say that none of these are new, the rest of us will just nod our heads and copy whatever looks good to us.

Who are you to ignore these?

Infographic Via Coastal Creative