What is Racket.com? It’s Like Twitter meets Clubhouse meets Medium

Racket.com is a brand new social audio app where users can share short sound bites akin to mini podcasts.

The founders are . They originally started a software review community called Capiche, but that was always niche. Then they pivoted to creating Racket.

Right now it is only a web app, not an iPhone app.

Here's an intro:


Highlights from Racket with Hiten Shah Interviewing Founder Austin Petersmith

Last Updated on April 21, 2021 by Joe

This Tool Might Be the Best Way to Find Your Next Web Host

There’s a lot of data, comparisons, and facts to keep in your little head when comparing web hosting companies. It’s quite overwhelming.

We combed through some of our favorite hosts, broke out their features, and created this quick 2-minute quiz to recommend the best host for your current needs:

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