Elon Musk & Bernard Arnault: The 2 Richest Men in the World – Are they More Alike than Different?

Elon Musk catwalk LVMH.

Bernard Arnault and Elon Musk, each being iconic in their respective domains, share multiple dimensions of similarity in terms of their entrepreneurial spirit, leadership styles, and personal lives. They stand as vivid representations of wealth, vision, and innovation.

As detailed in our LVMH & Tesla post, both of their companies rely on innovation, vision, brand, and leading the market. They are more alike than different. Here's how the head honchos stack up:


By June 2023, both Bernard Arnault and Elon Musk have secured their positions among the richest individuals globally, possessing net worths of $197 billion and $229 billion respectively[1]. Their positions atop the wealth pyramid have intermittently exchanged, with Musk overtaking Arnault for the world's richest person title in May 2023[2]. The summation of their fortunes amounts to a staggering $426 billion[3].

Business Strategies and Leadership Styles

In the arena of business strategies, Arnault and Musk have both exemplified innovation and risk-taking. Arnault, the CEO and majority shareholder of LVMH, helms around 75 luxury brands, including prestigious names like Louis Vuitton, Tiffany & Co., and Christian Dior[1]. His strategic acquisitions, even during times of economic turbulence, have propelled LVMH to become the world's largest luxury group[4].

On the other hand, Musk is the guiding force behind Tesla, SpaceX, and owns Twitter[1]. He has disrupted the electric vehicle and aerospace sectors with his groundbreaking ideas and audacious objectives. Tesla's shares, following this trajectory, surged over 140% in 2023, enabling Musk to reclaim the world's wealthiest individual title[4].

Both Arnault and Musk are seen as visionaries in their respective fields. Arnault's drive for artistic creativity has significantly influenced the luxury sector, whereas Musk's penchant for technological innovation has transformed electric vehicles and space exploration[5].

These industry titans also share strong, individualistic leadership styles. Their influence on their respective companies is palpable, driving strategic decisions and setting the course for future endeavors[5].

Personal Life

Despite their widespread influence and public recognition, Arnault and Musk have both maintained relatively private personal lives. While Musk is known for his robust Twitter presence and public interactions, Arnault tends to adopt a more reserved and discreet approach[5]. Their familial lives have occasionally intersected in the public eye, such as when they had lunch together in Paris with their respective families in June 2023[1].

In conclusion, despite operating in different sectors, Bernard Arnault and Elon Musk share striking similarities in their amassed wealth, innovative business strategies, visionary leadership, and personal lives. Their journey as entrepreneurs, characterized by innovative disruption, risk-taking, and personal drive, has shaped their significant global influence and monumental success.

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