DreamHost Black Friday and Cyber Monday Web Hosting Sale 2022

Let’s go! Chop chop! The time is finally here and Black Friday Deals are coming to town. However, before you start rushing in and choosing the first offer that you find. You need to research the best deals and what you can get from them.

Here we’ll talk about Dreamhost’s Black Friday deals. From WordPress plans to host services, there’s a lot in store for you. Read more and find out how you can improve your website without burning a hole in your pocket.

Hosting Prices

Hosting PlanPriceDiscountAvail Here
WordPress Basic$2.5968% with a 3-year planBUY NOW
DreamPress$16.9517% with an annual planBUY NOW
VPS WordPress$27.508% with an annual planBUY NOW
Shared Hosting$2.9563% over monthlyBUY NOW
DreamPress Hosting$16.9515% over monthlyBUY NOW
VPS Hosting$13.758% over monthlyBUY NOW

Hosting Details and Features


If you’re running a website or business, then it’s highly likely that you’re using WordPress. I mean WordPress covers more than 30 percent of the entire internet! Due to its popularity, you can’t be left behind on WordPress offers.

So what makes Dreamhost WordPress plans so special? Well, not only is it inexpensive, but it’s really easy to use. And with the countless amount of themes and designs. Your website will certainly rise to the top. Check out these deals to find out more.

WordPress Basic


VPS WordPress


The most important part of building your website is hosting. Without it, then your website can’t be published to the web. So it’s crucial that you pick the right one that matches your style and preference.

There are several options to choose from. Where you’re just starting out or you already have a large website, then there are options that you can use. If you’re interested, then check out the details below.


What is DreamHost Web Hosting?

It is a web hosting that is reliable, provides lightning-fast hosting solutions specifically optimized for WordPress.

Does DreamHost use cPanel?

No, they don’t use panels but the DreamHost team has developed a custom web hosting control panel to manage your websites, databases, emails, and account billing.

How good is DreamHost?

I think it is a good service provider because DreamHost has 20 years of experience in the web hosting industry with a strength of 400K+ happy customers and 1.5 million websites hosted on its servers.

What is the DreamHosting Black Friday Offer?

DreamHost is back with Black Friday Deals that offer discounts up to 47% in different hosting services. Therefore, it is the best time to purchase a suitable host provider.

What Hosting services are provided by DreamHostWeb hosting?

They provide Shared Web Hosting, WordPress Hosting, VPS Hosting, Cloud Hosting, and Dedicated Hosting specializing in WordPress Hosting.


Money-Back Guarantee

DreamHost also has a very generous 97-day refund policy and on top of that, there are no sneaky increases in price when it’s time to renew. 

Web hosting companies like to advertise prices lower than they are because the price you usually see is the price you have to pay before renewal. Once it’s time to renew your plans, the price can spike up even as much as 2,5 times. 

100% Uptime Guarantee

Another of DreamHost’s awesome pros is their unique 100% uptime guarantee! 

Most hosts only give up to 99.9% guarantees, which makes DreamHost’s proposition especially interesting. 

How does it work? Well, if your website goes down due to a server issue, you get 1 day of service credit for every hour of service interruption, up to a max of 10% of your next hosting renewal fee.

Officially WordPress Endorsed

Something that really makes DreamHost stand out is that it has a vote of confidence from WordPress itself.

DreamHost is one of only 3 WordPress-endorsed hosting services out there. It’s an endorsement that speaks for itself and should give you peace of mind that DreamHost is a very solid host that’s especially perfect for WordPress sites.

WordPress Optimized

If you are looking for web hosting for WordPress bloggers, this web hosting is the best. They offer great WordPress optimization. Dreamhost offers a custom panel that is very easy and beginner-friendly. So, you don’t need to install WordPress on cPanel separately. You can install WordPress with a single click.

Outstanding Customer Support

You will get 24/7 blazing customer support. This hosting provider is only WordPress recommendation list for the last 15 years. 

So you can think, why the most popular blogging platform like WordPress is recommending Dreamhost for the last 15 years if they don’t offer good customer support?


Limited Live Chat Support

In the lower right-hand corner of their screen is a little messaging icon. Click on it, and instead of being met with an open box, you have to select from a few pre-set answers. In other words, they’re trying to automate the live chat process with a chatbot.

Slow Average Speed

Loading time is one of the most important factors while choosing a host. Not only does page speed affect visitor bounce rate but slow loading time can also affect your overall SEO.

Unfortunately, DreamHost’s average loading time over the past 12 months hasn’t been good. A long time ago, DreamHost still managed to deliver above-average speeds, but lately, their performance has gone gradually worse.


If you’re looking for a managed WordPress solution, DreamHost is currently offering one of the best services in the market. They’re one of the few web hosting companies that I would trust with my websites! 

DreamHost is reliable, secure, fast, and in this Black Friday season, it’s also cheap! This is the perfect time for you to kickstart your website venture and I would strongly recommend you do that with DreamHost!

Last Updated on November 22, 2022 by Adrian Grant

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