Review – I Don’t Get It

bill-com home page

I don't really get

Does it suck, or is it actually amazing?

On the one hand, I love that it's a free and super cheap ACH option.

But look at this interface, what is this, 1995?

Soooo corporate – or maybe that's the point?

Here are the things I use on the free plan

  • Invoice creation
  • Clients – tied to invoices
  • Line items (kinda forced)
  • Save invoice draft for later
  • Late invoices area
  • Late invoice emails

Here's what I wish I had on the free plan:

  • Invoice scheduling
  • Recurring invoices (may exist but not obvious)
  • Connection to Xero

My Quick Scoring of Free Plan

  • Cost: Free – 10/10
  • Invoice UX: Very spartan, old school – 6/10
  • ACH billing costs: Cheap, about $5 – 9/10
  • Connect with Xero: Not included – 5/10
  • Scheduling invoices: No – 1/10 + Xero

Here's an annoying thing. To connect with Xero you have to fill out a form. There's no mention of pricing or how to get started. Very enterprise SaaS sales. I don't like it as a small business owner.

Last Updated on March 22, 2022 by Joe

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