Arvixe Black Friday and Cyber Monday Web Hosting Sale 2022


In just a few years Arvixe has gained a lot of love from the community. They offer high-quality web hosting services that come at a decent price. In addition to that, the Black Friday sale is chipping off the prices and now it’s even cheaper.

There are several different plans to choose from and they all differ in price and features. From Linux hosting to dedicated servers. They have everything set up and ready to go.

Hosting Prices

Hosting PlanStarting PriceAvail Here
Linux Hosting$9.32/moBUY NOW
Business Hosting$33.28/moBUY NOW
Reseller Hosting$30.61/moBUY NOW
VPS Hosting$57.23/moBUY NOW
Dedicated Hosting$98.98/moBUY NOW

Hosting Details and Features

Linux Hosting

One of the most popular hosting services that people are looking for in the market. Arvixe’s Linux hosting services are one of the best in the world. It’s reliable, affordable, and the features are just right. Here are some of the features that they offer.

Business Hosting

A lot of businesses, especially high-end ones, require a stable web hosting service. And one of Arvixe’s goals is to provide high-quality and reliable hosting services to those businesses. Once you try their business hosting plans, then you’ll realize how much money you’ve been wasting on other hosting companies. Here’s a sneak peek on what they offer.

Reseller Hosting

If you’re struggling with technical issues and server management, then this plan is the best for you. You don’t have to worry about the technical aspects and you can directly manage your own web hosting company. A partnership with Arvixe will definitely help your business grow. Check out some of the features below.

VPS Hosting

Private servers should be solid and reliable. It’s a good thing that Arvixe offers one of the most secure VPS servers in the market. As a stepping stone between shared hosting and dedicated hosting. This specially designed hosting service will help you achieve that. Here’s a quick look at the features.

Dedicated Hosting

With the help of HostGator, Arvixe has improved its dedicated servers. With a wide range of features and benefits, you’ll definitely love this hosting service. The aspect of gaining full control over your server will be achieved with just a click of a button. Check out the deals below. 


What are the benefits of getting Arvixe?

It is important to hire a server like Arvixe if you want to get certified and approved quality by the market. If your project is on a large scale this is an excellent option. Besides, the prices are affordable.

Does Arvixe Hosting have cPanel?

Arvixe Hosting’s service has cPanel. You can visit install CMS such as WordPress. It is perfect for all users who are interested in the administration of their servers.

Does Arvixe work with Linux?

Yes, Arvixe Hosting works perfectly with both Windows and Linux. Besides, they have different plans for these two operating systems.

Does Arvixe provide Ecommerce Hosting?

Yes, they provide eCommerce hosting with Magento

Is Arvixe Hosting's Technical Service good?

The customer service offered by Arvixe is quite good. You can have it at your disposal 24 hours a day. They also have an online chat that you can use on your official website.

Do they offer a money-back guarantee?

Yes, they do offer a money-back guarantee on all of their plans.


99.9% Uptime

The uptime of Arvixe is quite impressive as they are fulfilling their claim of 99.9% uptime. They will refund you in case they failed to provide you with the stated uptime. Also, they guarantee 100% uptime on the dedicated servers.

Outstanding Security

One of the primary concerns of customers is security while purchasing Hosting. Arvixe is offering plenty of security features like firewalls, security updates, networking monitoring, etc. To secure your data, they offer a daily R1Soft Backups feature.

Well-designed cPanel

The version of cPanel used by the Arvixe is almost has everything, and it fulfills the industry standards. In the file manager tab, you can manage your files like removing, editing, etc. No superior skills are needed for operating the cPanel it is user-friendly.

60-Day Refund

Arvixe offers 60 days money-back guarantee. Many of the hosting companies provide only 30 days to inspect the product after that no amount will refund.

Free Domain

With every plan you choose from Arvixe, they give you a domain to cut down on your expenses. If you have money, you can use it for hosting purposes only to get a decent plan.

Free Website Transfer

The Arvixe customer care executives will help you transfer your site from other servers to theirs. You don’t have to pay anything extra as they take care of your online property very well.

24/7 Support

It is obvious that you will need external help from the company while running the service, so if you need help, there are live chat facilities, and also you can connect them to call an in their toll-free numbers.


No Free SSL Certificate

Websites today are practically required to use SSL certificates. Google Chrome, the most popular browser online today, actively warns people from using certain sites that don’t have them.

But unfortunately, you can’t get a free one through Arvixe.

Weak Customer Support Response

The customer representative connected within five minutes, but replies were slow and some details were mislooked. Some tickets may take a few days in order for them to reply.

Higher Renewal Price

The problem is that many other hosts will take this opportunity to double the price right under your nose. Basically, you’re getting the same exact service, but paying way more, because they know you won’t want to change hosts at the end of the day.

Arvixe’s renewal pricing will be much higher than the initial cost you signed up for.


Arvixe stands well among its competitors. They use the 60-days money-back guarantee policy because they are confident about their services. Their support services and security protocols are also good.

Overall, the services they offer are worth the money in your pocket. Their services let you upgrade at any time and get your new needs fulfilled. It is a very efficient company with vast opportunities for a customer. 

We know, this discount is tempting enough. So grab this deal, before it’s gone.

Last Updated on November 22, 2022 by Adrian Grant

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