Apollo.io is a sales lead prospecting tool and CRM.

I use it to find new leads for my marketing agency and love it.

It's a phenomenal product with great features.

They are releasing on a fast clip.

It's an alternative to Zoominfo and Hunter and using LinkedIn directly.

It works well and integrates with software like HubSpot and LinkedIn.

It complements but doesn't directly integrate with software like Crunchbase Pro.

Pro-tip: Apollo does have helpful templates, but it's not a replacement for learning the prospecting and sales process yourself. You should research and create a process customized to your environment, and use Apollo to help execute and test on it.

I like that Apollo takes a role and JTBD approach. They are helping you as a salesperson in your company, whether CEO or SDR, do your job.

It's very flexible and can adjust to many different methods.

I love it.

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