Small Business? Choose from These 3 Website Platforms for Your New Website

by Nov 5, 2015Build a Website

Here’s the thing:

There are a billion voices and articles out there about what you should do to build a website.

How you should do it, what platform you should build on.

It can drive anyone mad. Including experience website builders.

For this exercise I’m assuming you are trying to build a new or redesigned site for your business, you are on a very strict budget, and you’re completely lost and about to go kick a watermelon in the face.

It’s been proven that humans like to be told what to do. We want to think for ourselves when we want to. But in this digital age, every 5 minutes you have to make a decision and read another article.

Take a breath as I tell you what to do.

1. Small? Go Squarespace

I’m just basing this off of their extremely low costs, and the fact that they aren’t Wix or Weebly.

Wix and Weebly have been around for awhile. So why is Squarespace killing them? Not super impressed with their designs and backends. From what I remember, they try to tack on a bunch of stuff.

If you want something simple and beautiful to get the job done, go set yourself up with Squarespace.

2. Ecommerce and Small? Go Shopify

Go read all the articles about all the other options and go compare a billion features before you decide.

Another one of those things where it just feels right.

I’m assuming you’re past the Etsy stage. And the local farmers market doesn’t have the reach you’re looking for.

Yea Shopify is like $25 a month and you’ll have to self setup, but you’re planning on selling at least $25 of products online in the first month, right?

3. Trying to Blog? Medium

If you’re just trying to blog and you think you’re an amazing writer, yes you’ll want your own website and domain name.

But you’re not ready for that yet, you haven’t proven yourself.

Read the War of Art, then go set up a blog on Medium. It takes 5 minutes.

Write 25 articles just to prove you can do it. When you start to get serious shares and a following, then you’re ready to move to WordPress or something.

800-Pound Gorilla: WordPress?

Yes everyone and their mother recommends WordPress. I’ve built my sites on WordPress primarily. But not everyone is ready for it. is for your average non-techie person that doesn’t know what they’re doing. is for techies to set up. Yes you can do it, but you’ll need to dedicated 100+ plus to get to a good spot. And you’ll need a ton of tissues and tears.

Ignore WordPress for now. If you get frustrated with the other platforms, you can start looking.

But if you fall into any of the categories above, just quiet your mind, choose one, and go.